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Why Is It Called Russian Manicure?

Why Is It Called Russian Manicure?By Alexa Galieva, L'AreaRussian manicure, also known as dry manicure, is a technique that involves cleaning and shaping the nails without soaking them in water. It typically includes trimming, filing, and cuticle care using specialized tools. This method is popular for creating a precise and clean nail shape, especially for those with sensitive or fragile nails.

The term "Russian manicure" likely originated from its popularity and widespread use in Russia and other Eastern European countries. It gained recognition in the international beauty industry due to its unique dry nail care techniques and the precision it offers. As it became more well-known globally, it retained the name "Russian manicure" to signify its origins and the techniques associated with it.

What sets Russian manicure apart is its emphasis on dry nail care techniques. Unlike traditional manicures where nails are soaked in water, Russian manicure avoids water altogether, which can weaken the nails. Additionally, Russian manicure uses specialized tools like electric files and precision scissors to meticulously shape and clean the nails and cuticles. This results in a more precise and long-lasting manicure, particularly suitable for individuals with delicate or problematic nails.