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"The beautiful thing about learing is that no one can take it away from you."


All offline classes are designed in such a way as to afford you the opportunity to not only learn the work process from start to finish but also to acquire and consolidate the skills necessary to compete in the beauty industry. Keep in mind that these are the most productive classes.

Course Russian Manicure

This original Course is based on Russian techniques of classic hardware manicure and gel manicure and combined with other original techniques. This Course helps you in learning the right way of work, how to stay focused, manage your time and keep high quality of your work from the beginning. 

What is Included?

- Equipment, tools and materials for the class.
- Learning how to work safely for your health and health of your client.
- Learning the technique of hardware manicure.
- Different shapes of nails. How to build and file them the right way.
- Nail extension.
- Nail correction.
- Basic technique for salon designs: lines, french, design with stickers, ombre, leaves, 3d designs etc.
- Custom designs: Did your client bring a picture of the manicure she wants you to perform? Learn how to make it look the same as nails on the picture step by step.

Would you like to take this Course?

We have 3 options.
Please, pick the one that works for you.
This is the most productive Course with the opportunity to dive deep into details of the manicure. Many hours of practice on improving skills under the supervision of our teacher.
Type of class: Group learning.
Total payment for the Course $5400.
Required hours in order to complete the Program - 81 hours (27 classes, 3 hours each class).
For your convenience, we offer a payment plan and flexible schedule.

As we understand that it is difficult to find the time to attend all days of the classes at once we are trying to make it easier for you. Therefore, we have 3 hours classes in our schedule. You can come any days that are listed in the schedule! You will need to attend the School until you done with your hours.

You can pay separate for each class you're coming for the amount of $200.
Deposit for class $50.
Cancellation fee 3.9% applies.

Materials for the Class are included.
Certificate for completed the Program.
The Most popular
While this is a short program, we promise you we will fit all the information for the Course mentioned above. However, because of very limited time for every single topic and a lot of information this class it's going to be very intensive.
Type of class: Group learning.
Duration: 2 days. 
Time: 10am-6pm 
Price: $999
Sign up payment for the Course - $200
Materials for the Class are included.
Certificate for completed the Program.
Type of class: personal training.
Days for the training and duration: flexible, by agreement.
Time: 10am-6pm 
Price: $999 per day
Full payment is required 4 days prior class starts.
Materials for the Class are included.
Certificate for completed Training Class.

What next?

Do you have a problem with your dry manicure? Can't figure out how to file almond or square shapes? Is there any issues your clients have with your nails like them being too thick, or breaking too often, or lifted from the nail bed? Did you know that we offer Training Classes for all professionals who want to improve their skills?  Yes, you can come any day we offer in the schedule and join us by working on the skills or techniques you would like to improve. Our professional instructors have answers for all your question and will be always happy to help you and navigate you in your learning journey.
Please, note this class is designed for Nail technicians with experience who currently work with clients or graduated students from nail school only in order to help fix any issues they are experiencing during the work or to develop additional skills. This Class is not suitable for beginners who haven't finished any nail course yet. It is not individual training.
Time: 3 hours
Name in the schedule: Training classes
$250 per class
Sign up payment for the Class $50
Full payment $200 must be paid at the begining of the class.
$950 package 5 classes ($200 each)
Type of class: personal training+self learning
No Certificate required.
This class is open for everyone! 
Would you like to learn some nail design techniques? Different ombre in brush and air puffing technique, french, leaves, flowers, geometry, aquarium design, mix of material design, inlay with stones, 3d design, painting etc. There are so many of them. You don't have to be an artist, nail technician or have some special drawing skills for that. No level is required! This course is designed for any level of experience and can be adjusted to all your needs. Come and enjoy the process! 
Time: 3 hours
$150 single class
$500 package 5 classes ($100 each)
All materials are provided for the class.


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I have been a client of L`AREA for almost 2 years now, and since the first time I went over I was so amazed about her work, and I thought my self I will love her to teach me. I had try doing my own nails before, by watching videos but after I had her do my nails, I know I will be the first one to sing up on a class if she will ever had one, I had never been so satisfied about my manicure. I love good manicures and this is the best school I could ever had to give my clients the best of my work, she is so dedicated and she explains all the technics that you need to become a good nail technician. The classes totally overpasses my expectation, I always wanted to attend a beauty school but never possible because of time and money, but This classes perfect accommodate to my needs , I love it, enjoy it, and I have been working now for one moth and I am so satisfied about my progress, and all my clients have been too. I recommend this classes 100% . Thank you L`AREA  SCHOOL. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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