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Regular E-file Manicure - regular electric file manicure for natural nails. No color is required. Coating on your choice with Keratin or Gel XTreme top coat (regular clear polish). Service for Ladies and Gentlemen).
L'Area Skin&Nail Treatment - unique nail and skin treatment including electric file manicure. This treatment reducing skin dryness, cleaning pores and removes dead skin cells, boosting moisture level of the skin after the treatment is compleate.
Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment - helping make skin supple and soft. Reducing skin dryness. Acts like a form of therapy for eczema problems; can help increase blood flow, relax muscules, decrease joints stiffness; helps relief pain in the hands of people with osteoartritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, other joint mobility issues by minimize muscle spasms and inflamation.
Russian Manicure (no correction, extra short nails) - customized long lasting natural looking manicure with providing cuticle care.
Russian Manicure with Correction (short nails) - customized long lasting natural looking manicure with providing cuticle care, reducing bumps, ridges, curlings and others non perfections of your nails.
Russian Manicure with Correction (long/extra long nails) - customized long lasting natural looking manicure with providing cuticle care, reducing bumps, ridges, curlings and others non perfections of your nails.
Russian Manicure with Extension - customized long lasting natural looking manicure with providing cuticle care, and additional lenght for your desire.


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Nail repair
Broke nail? Need to fix? Then book service Nail Repair! 30 min service starts from $15
Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment
Perfect magic hand treatment for your dry or irritated skin. $20 as a separate service /$15 as an additional service

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We have a selfservice. Use or L'Area App to check the availability, schedule, reschedule and cancel your appointment.
Please, make sure you know before booking what service you need. Read a description to the service. Each service takes different time. As all our client are different, their nail's condition, their requests about designs are very various as well we still trying to be on time for every single appointment. Please understand it is extremaly difficult to be on time to the next client when you want us to do job that normally takes an hour longer then apointment you reserved. So please, book the appointment that you actually need. Contact us through the button below if you are not sure what you have to book.
We have a deposit required to secure your appointment. This deposit will go towards your service. The deposit amount will warry depending on the service and the artist.
If you'd like to reschedule your appointment please do so within 48 hours prior. Less then 24 hours rescheduling is not allowed through the system.  It is accepted by request only and will result to no deposit refund.
To reschedule your appointment with the same provider go to your appointment you would like to reschedule on your account and click the button "Reschedule". Fee for rescheduling are not apply.
To reschedule your appointment with different provider you have to schedule a new appointment and cancel the one you don't need. Deposit for canceled appointment will be rufunded.
Your appointments and well-being are very important to us. We understand that sometimes, unexpected delays can occur, making schedule adjustments. Therefore you can cancel your appointment if you need it. Your deposit will be refunded back to you. Please, allow us 3 business days to process your refund from our end, and then an additional 2-3 bussines days to allow your bank to process days your refund from their end.
Please note: We request 48 hours (2 days) notice on your email to cancel/reschedule appointments. If you'd like to cancel do so within 24 hours after the notice. You will not be able to cancel your appointment by your own in less then 24 hours prior the time starts. Any cancellations less then 24 hours will result to no deposit refund.
Please note, to cover the cost of processing a transactions for booking or cancellation we are processing surcharge in an amount of four percent (4%) of the total payment, made for goods or services purchased or leased by use of a credit or charge card.
We are working from 9AM to 7PM Monday through Sunday. After hours work is billable at a higher rate. We reserve the rights after the Nail Technicians to decide if they will be able to work additional hours. Overtime appointments will be listed in the schedule on a regular basis and some spots can be also opened by request. However additional fee $30 will be applied.
Please arrive to your appointment on time. You have a 15 min grace period. After 15 min there is a fee of $15. After 20 min your appointment will be canceled. Please understand that any delay on your part cause the delay for the next client.
Currently only guests who have an apointment allow at the reserved time. No extra guests required. Please, no friends, kids and other family members.
Sometimes clients come in that required additional time and attention. This can cause providers to run late of the day. We will do our best to be on time and notify you if this occurs. We also hope that we can make you as comfortable as possible while you wait. We have coffee and candy, free wifi is available.
For the best experience, please hold up yourself from work, texting, phone calls and other distractions while meeting with your specialist. It is very important for both parties. It is affecting the quality and speed of our work directly. Please understand that any delay on your part cause the delay for the next client. Take a break and enjoy your time.


Nail Artist at ©L'Area, Freehold, New Jersey.
Certificate of Completion "L'AREA Manicure" (hardware manicure with gel polish), Level 1. Beginner. L'AREA School, New Jersey, 2020.
18B W Main St Freehold NJ 07728 (next to HeadMaster Barber Shop and Salon, 2nd floor)


Hands down the best nail place. Carla is so amazing and such a professional. I get hundreds of compliments. I can’t stop looking at my own nails!
Went there two weeks ago and still love the result. Carla works amazing, very clean manicure, my nails look so natural ( not thick) and very accurate. Love it
I will never go anywhere else for my nails ever again! Carla is amazing and really takes her time! I have short nails and every other salon the polish peels up of chips and NONE of that happens when I come here. My nails never lasted over 2 weeks somewhere else and from here they are good for 4 weeks!! My nails finally feel strong and healthy! They don’t rush the service here which I love! They really take their time with what they do!
Carla is hands down the best. So much patience and takes her time. She is so lovely and always on time. Such a hard worker. She truly cares about what she is doing. I have been getting Manicures all over monmouth county for 20+ years and this is BY FAR the best my nails have ever looked and they last 3-4 weeks. She is so talented and really provides a high quality of work. I will never go anywhere else! THANK YOU CARLA!!!!
My nails never looked so beautiful, I would never go anywhere else now. Service is great, nails are perfect. I am so happy that j found such a talented person who understands and knows what she is doing. Beyond thankful.

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